What Is Vlone?

Vlone is a simple and elegant logo that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the company it represents. While we go into the metaphor and significance of the logo, it’s vital to understand where it came from in the first place.

Literal Meanings Of Vlone

The phrase means “you live alone, you die alone,” according to the creators. The phrase could be taken as a condensed and catchier form of “we are alone.” The message is straightforward. It demands complete autonomy and control over one’s own decisions, with no constraints imposed by friends, family, coworkers, or government authorities.

What is Message Behind Vlone Slogan

VLONE’s logo has a mysterious and distinctive font. The logo, as well as the clothing line, were both heavily influenced by an American rapper known as SpaceGhostPurrp. This particular artist was a fan of Three 6 Mafia (a Memphis-based hip-hop group), which explains the VLONE apparel line’s dark vibe.
VLONE’s slogan is “Live Vlone, Die Vlone T-Shirt.” This is a fascinating Donnie Darko movie quote. A scene in this American horror film features Donnie speaking with a lady. He’s telling her something he previously heard about life from someone. “Every living being perishes on its own.,” says the discourse. VLONE took this bold statement and turned it into its distinct brand.

Idea Behind FRIENDS’ Design

Asap Bari revealed the concept behind the VLONE apparel line’s recurring “FRIENDS-” pattern. He explained that the minus symbol following the word “friends” stands for zero. This translates to ‘no pals.’ This design links together the brand VLONE’s complete concept, which is dark and stands for “alone.” The entire style of the drawings and the motto is rather gloomy, as are the hidden messages behind them.

The VLONE Clothing Line’s Mysterious Meaning

The brand’s overall concept is incredibly poetic and profound. Ian Connor symbolizes the lighter side of the brand, according to the owners, while ASAP Bari symbolizes the darker side. Ian encourages people to be alone, but not in a depressing or lonely way. Rather, he suggests that people should believe in themselves and try to become self-sufficient. Bari, on the other hand, represents the brand’s dark and bad hood side. The apparel line’s deep meaning has sparked a lot of interest, as many people can identify with its rawness and vulnerability.

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